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A boarding school for MAPs, paraphiles, paraphiles-in-training, and all interested allies!

Source code

You can find all of the source code modifications we run by visiting the Computer Lab.


As of . Based on the koyu.space rules as of .

  1. You must be at least 13 years of age or older to use this service. For legal reasons, this refers to your physical age.
  2. Because there may be minors on this site, all pornographic/NSFW content must be marked sensitive or use a content warning.
  3. This site is currently under United States jurisdiction. This means no:
    • CSEM,
    • CSAM,
    • or real-life images of children intended to sexually arouse, regardless of nudity (see U.S. v. Dost).
  4. Respect other users and their backgrounds.
    Here are some examples of activities that will not be tolerated:
    • Harassment.
    • Hateful speech.
    • Being transphobic, homophobic, paraphile-phobic, racist, ableist, fascist, or supporting any oppressions in general.
    • …And potentially more as we encounter specific cases, but you see the picture.
    If you break this rule elsewhere, we reserve the right to sanction you locally.
  5. Don't share anyone's personal information without their consent, and delete content about a person should they ask.
  6. Repealed
  7. Repealed
  8. Don't go on a crusade against those who don't respect our local rules; people from other communities have no obligation to follow ours. If you don't like to see the content of these people, you can block or silence them. If you don't like an instance, feel free to mute it. With that said, please report to the admins any instances/remote users causing excessive harassment so we can consider moderation actions against them.
  9. All contact stances are permitted. Use the block button if anyone makes you uncomfortable.
  10. Do not use this server to engage in sexual conduct with anyone under the age of 18.

Registering for classes

When signing up, if you have another fedi account or if the admins are likely to know you from somewhere else, please put your handle in the application reason field. After signup, you will be required to confirm your email address, and then an admin will approve or deny your application, at which point you will receive another email.

Supporting your local school

Of course, the best way to support us is just to sign up, start posting, and refer your friends! However, if you can also afford a monetary donation, this will go towards keeping the school open and defending it against antis. Current costs:

Item Cost
Domain name €30 / year
Server hosting $32 / month
Legal counsel Assessed as needed

Our Monero :monero: address is 47tmKTdK9vwZWH7hEtpTL4LxRjPqtFAd8UZsg1C84h1tN7gMRcR1147VTZVJp2dtvu35vMuYr3szLVCNUDDRmhEBS4F9zBw.
At this time, we only accept Monero, however, you can buy some in your local currency using LocalMonero.

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