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In light of some recent discourse, we'd like to clarify our official position on biastophiles, sadists, and all other paraphiles. Despite the name, this is not merely a space for MAPs. It's a space for all paraphiles. We don't care how unsafe your desires are, you are welcome here. This is a safe space for that. To that end, we will consider adding a rule against sadist-misia. Let us know your thoughts in the replies.

Any emojis you want added, feel free to reply down below with the image and name you want 👍

Judging by the server logs, nobody's found it yet 😔 keep looking!

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New emojis copied from
:MarbleTransgender: :MarbleGenderqueer: :MarbleNonbinary: :MarbleBisexual: :MarblePansexual: :MarbleAromantic: :MarbleIntersex: :MarbleAsexual: :MarblePride:

Sadly no MAP or trans-age marble yet, but if anyone wants to make one that would be lovely, and I'll arrange for the art department to give you extra credit!

I put an easter egg somewhere on one of the public pages, see if you can find it 😉

This server now honors the life of Jesse Ryan Loskarn using the X-Clacks-Overhead HTTP header. He will never die as long as his name is still spoken.

Pedo School is looking for student testimonials to use to advertise this instance in MAP communities. If you want to help, please DM or reply with your experiences here.

Updated rule 1: 13+ year olds are now allowed with parental consent. Good luck getting that consent though…

Please follow @pedo_school to avoid missing important bulletins in case this server goes down.

⚠️ Pedo School Important Bulletin ⚠️

We have received an abuse notification from our hosting provider. They have not removed the VPS yet, but have required us to remove "illegal content" from our site. I am asking them for details as the email did not specify the content in question.

If there is any downtime, it will most likely be due to this report, however we will just switch to a new host using our backups. We are taking extra backups at this time as a safety precaution.

To that end, if you can recommend any hosting providers, please mention them ⤵️​ down below. Linode and VanwaTech will not be considered.

New lewd/BL emotes just dropped 

We've had :cunny: and :cunny2: for a little while now, but I noticed a distinct lack of BL counterparts. Please enjoy :WhoaPeen::BigPeen: :FilledPeen: :HappyPeen: and :BestBoy:! These are all courtesy of a certain Discord server 👀

All of these except :BestBoy:​ are unlisted so you don't accidentally see kodo hentai emotes that you don't want to. This means you'll have to type the name of these emojis directly, with correct capitalization, unfortunately.

Should we add a rule requiring a content warning such as "lewd" on text posts? I think not everyone wants to see that.

Missing your timeline from another instance? Try visiting preferences→Import and export. From there you can export your follow list from your old account and import it here. Or you can migrate from another Mastodon instance under Account settings.

As agreed upon with him, all media posts from @/ are now marked sensitive because he does not always do it himself.

Worried that we'll get shut down? Currently we are using a free-speech domain registrar to avoid repeating what happened to While our server host may not like what we're doing, if *that* gets shut down, we have hourly backups so we can restore operation swiftly.

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Pedo School

A boarding school for MAPs, paraphiles, paraphiles-in-training, and all interested allies. Classes start soon, so register today!