Pedo School is down because our DNS host doesn't like us. Estimated downtime <5 minutes.

Froze @Lolifan56's account for suspected use of the server to engage in sexual conduct with a person under the age of 18.

@pammy They were posting lewd content without marking it as sensitive

@juniebee Not sure what you mean. If you end up being fascist we will ban you.

Force-set all @/'s posts as sensitive.

@juniebee Yes, and it's banned here too, so don't try anything

@Murky @AbNormal @Chizu @miria @KayFaraday @Jotaro-kujo We also allow people of any contact stance here, including pro-contact. It's a support space but also activism.

As this instance takes on more people from Baraag and Pawoo, we'd like to remind you that this instance is not primarily for horny posting. It is primarily intended for discourse. Instead, we have a sister instance at (:O big reveal!) that you may sign up at.

At this time we will not ban anyone for primarily making horny posts, however we strongly encourage you to move to if that is your intention, and we may enforce this in the future.

Excessive horny posting should use the Unlisted scope so as not to clog up the local timeline.

@Milkboner We get new members every day! Between 2 and 9 of them.

@Curious @Administrator yes, Kay got a report on the infamous swimsuit post from pawoo for "distribution of child erotica" 🙄🙄

@Curious @Administrator We once got a report from them that someone had "Pro-Contact in bio". Closed it with the note "lol baraag"

Alright, all remote profiles with custom emoji in them are now fixed! Here's the code we used for that:

Account.remote.each{|account| (account.update!(last_webfingered_at: nil); begin rescue nil end) unless account.instance_eval { emojifiable_text }.scan(CustomEmoji::SCAN_RE).empty?}
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Custom emojis on remote instances are fixed… sort of. Remote emojis used in future posts and yet-unknown profiles will work. Custom emojis in past posts may not show up, however, and remote profiles with custom emojis will need to be refreshed on our end before they will be visible.

Here's the code we used:

CustomEmoji.remote.where.not(image_file_name: nil).where.not(image_remote_url: '').each {|e| e.destroy! if not e.image.exists? }

Pedo School is looking for a teacher's assistant ie moderator! Your responsibilities would be:

  • Enforcing the rules using deletion, suspension, limiting, and other tools
  • Resolving disputes impartially and with compassion for all sides involved
  • Approving new registrations
  • Promptly removing CP as you are made aware of it, either by reports, court orders, or by noticing it yourself

If you're interested and can volunteer, please DM! If we start getting enough donations we will pay you as well, but no guarantees there.

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