It has come to our attention that an anti has discovered that we were shut down by our host for allegedly hosting CP. They went on to make some… questionable claims, so we would like to clear some things up:

  1. This instance bans such content and the moderators delete it as we are made aware of it. We will not hesitate to act on reports of CP, both on the posts and the users involved.
  2. The post in question is here: It is our opinion that these photos are not CP nor CSEM by any definition we are aware of. They are professionally modelled photos for a clothing line. They were not produced for sexual gratification, and do not violate the U.S. v. Dost test, among the stricter of CSEM laws.
  3. The anti further claims that this site is not safe for minors. If you are a minor, this is for you to decide, not us. MAP instances do inherently carry a higher risk of harm for minors, however, this is outweighed by the harm prevented in supporting them. Additionally, we forbid sexual conduct with under-18s on this site and we strongly encourage you to privately report such conduct and to practice basic internet safety. We strive to be a safe space for all paraphiles, and anything that gets in the way of that must be moderated.

You may also note that we allow pro-contact MAPs, minors, and legal porn on this site. To reconcile these, we have a strict rule that you must put a content warning or mark sensitive any lewd posts. We also do not believe that opinions are inherently harmful. You are free to believe in whatever contact stance you wish, but we still forbid sexual conduct so we believe this is okay.

That we've been noticed by antis is good, actually. It means we live rent free in their heads and we're riling up the right people :VeryCool:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reply or DM them.

@HallMonitors thank you for addressing this in an appropriate and compassionate manner!

@HallMonitors "MAP instances do inherently carry a higher risk of harm for minors", not "inherently". The harm in MAP instances carries towards minors have nothing to do with MAPs and everything with abusers, especially antis being among the elements making *any* MAP space a risk of any kind.
@HallMonitors The reason any of our spaces nowadays could be considered not safe at all is directly because of antis insisting on abusing everyone that belongs to them, young or old.
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